Solo Entrepreneur – 8 Inquiries to Improve Results

Core training exercise, repeated regularly = refined skills, improved results

Our soccer coach regularly reminds us that whenever you want to raise our game, regular training exercises could be just like advantageous to seasoned players because they are to beginners. The task: enhance the execution to refine your talent.

This is also true for business fundamentals

For instance, when you are beginning out you’ll need a concept of who your customers are, what they desire and just what they are searching for. Lower the street, you’ll still need this. Actually, when you have been around for some time, you’ll have acquired more specific insights regarding your clients. Now you ask ,: have you ever stopped to be aware?

So, whether you are within the beginning blocks or already on the highway, here are a few questions that will help you increase your business potential. If you are just beginning out, answer (A), otherwise answer (B).

  1. Strengths

(A) What exactly are my strengths, skills and passions?

(B) What new strengths have surfaced?

  1. Vision

(A) Exactly what do I wish to achieve?

(B) Is my vision large enough? Will it still inspire me?

  1. Supporters

(A) Who are able to assist me to get pointed in the right direction?

(B) Should i look for a mentor who’s playing in a greater level?

  1. Clients

(A) Who are able to I help i.e. who needs my service?

(B) Which client group gains the best from my services?

  1. Research

(A) What fundamental questions will i need clarified to make sure my company idea is seem?

(B)What exactly are my clients’ greatest needs or problems will be able to solve?

  1. Product ideas

(A) What services and products do my clients need?

(B) What cool product ideas will best compliment things i already have to give you?

  1. Overall strategy

(A) To have my vision, what services and products shall we be held planning and just what must i do first?

(B) What regions of my strategy resonate most powerfully with my vision? Inflict of individuals areas need restored focus?

  1. Marketing

(A) What form will my primary marketing take?

(B) What marketing strategies can one increase my primary approach?

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Tom Roberts: As a former Wall Street analyst, Tom provides clear, concise, and insightful commentary on financial markets and investment strategies.


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