‘Living the Brand’ – Markets, Values and also the Good Existence

There’s been a significantly greater transmission from the market into all sectors of society: this really is something which Professor Michael Sandel handles in hisReith lecture series this season, where he explores the moral limits to markets, among other activities. Among the effects of the monopolization of market thinking, argues Sandel, may be the privileging of monetary criteria because that to do this slices moral and ethical arguments. The implication is the fact that to create a fiscal situation about human matters will be value neutral: we just become worried about maximising individual success frequently at the fee for the communal ties that bind us together. Sandel want to reinvigorate public debate concerning the good existence and just what we decide to value and argues that some human activities, for example education for instance by which everyone has a stake, can’t be reduced for their economic significance alone because they are prerequisites for leading a complete existence independent using their economic utility.

I had been advised of Sandel’s arguments whenI was using a not-for-profit a few days ago where some staff people were speaking in my experience about the requirement for employees to ‘live the brand’. Things I think they meant with this was that employees employed by this organisation should desire to an idealised method of behaving to ensure that in everything they stated and did they’d be ‘selling’ the minds and activities of this specific organisation towards the public. ‘Living the brand’ appeared to suggest a large amount of conformity, of ‘aligning’ the way in which employees were thinking and acting towards the organisation’s vision, whatever that may mean and however which was construed. So ‘living the brand’ becomes a means of power relating, where senior managers particularly undertake the function of encouraging or interpreting conduct that conforms towards the ideal. The necessity to show the first is ‘living the brand’ turns into a cult value within the organisation which could include, or exclude, by praising or criticising.

Not-for-profits usually have were built with a strong moral narrative concerning the work they undertake, what is interesting relating to this particular formulation may be the means by so it uses market language and ideas unselfconsciously. Formerly one may have expected great moral leaders to become known in almost any invitation to adapt to organisational values. Mahatma Gandhi is really a favourite of staff in not-for-profits together with his injunction to ‘be the modification that you would like to see’, or furthermore Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are often adopted. Within this situation workers are utilizing a highly abstract formulation produced from marketing instead of making allusions to renowned champions of telecomutting saves gas.

What could it signify to come across these ideas that are expressed within the vocabulary from the market ?

One factor it demonstrates is really a much greater recognition among employees that does not-for-earnings are operating inside a market. The federal government, like a major cause of the not-for-profit sector, frequently encourages this competition by creating putting in a bid approaches for containers of cash where organisations need to compete against one another making claims for that effectiveness of what they’re proposing. And due to the proliferation of not-for-profits there’s generally greater competition for that public’s money. Additionally, it is a lot more present with encounter staff in not-for-profits who’ve a personal sector background. Terms and ideas for example customer, niche, brand, owning and selling ideas, buy-in, share of the market have grown to be a lot more commonplace in not-for-profits than formerly.

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