Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Developing Fuel Cell Tailor Made for the Residential Market

Clean energy has become a hot button issue in Europe and action needs to be taken. To quell these concerns Alkaline Fuel Cell Power” is developing their first 4kW hydrogen fuel cell in laboratory configuration with aims to make them available for commercial applications in 2024.

Much of the currently available energy storage technology solutions that are comparable to Alkaline Fuel Cell Power are too expensive for adoption by consumers. The design of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power micro-CHPs has lower material costs than what is currently available, thus making it more viable for the consumer market. These zero-emission hydrogen powered alkaline fuel cells mainly use more common materials like nickel and graphite in the production process to reduce end costs to the buyer.

The demand for zero emission technology is outpacing supply as current technology is inadequate to meet market needs. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power has designed hydrogen powered micro-CHP systems using alkaline fuel cell technology that are tailored for the residential power markets and designed to fill the increasing consumer demand for clean energy.

The use of hydrogen as an energy source is not currently widespread, but the governments of the world have big plans for it as a greener energy source. Analysts estimate clean hydrogen could meet 24% of world energy demand by 2050. In the next 30 years it is estimated that as much as €470 billion will be spent on renewable hydrogen developments in Europe alone. Even today, the hydrogen generation market is huge, estimated to be worth USD 120 billion.

Hydrogen fuel cells are able to provide electricity without the use of combustion, producing virtually no vibration or sound, with the only by-product being pure water. The unique and effective design of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power makes it stand out from the competition and allows for high volume production.

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